Wesley Seminary Blog Responses

The Body

From Your breath
You form an image
The inhale becomes the exhale
Out of the dust, we rise
Bone of Your bone
Flesh of Your flesh
Every ligament designed with purpose
Every hair numbered
From the dust and the dirt
We live and move and have our being 
From the east to the west 
We walk among You 
A bountiful garden
A beautiful display of Your creation
DNA running warm through our veins
We’ve become the image of Your likeness
Not one mistake was made
Divine purpose beats in our hearts
A melody of love’s greatest song
People from every tribe, nation, and language 
Purchased by Your blood
The Chief cornerstone holds
Building us up for a place for You to dwell
You breathe again
Inhale and you smile
Exhale and you remember
The breath that swiftly meets us
A place where the Spirit can now reside
Clothed in the aroma of Your fragrance
Mesmerized by the light that now guides 
Holding on to Your hand
We follow the steps
Saints marching to the new garden
A household where we belong
Reconciled to cross over Your bridge
A place where we greet Your body
And our bodies back to back
Holding one another
Living out that which was promised to us
A seat next to Your body