Is God Really Getting the Glory?


How often do we find ourselves posting selfies after successful events, good sermons we’ve preached, after doing good deeds or even after spending time with our youth? I often have to check myself before I post a photo and ask the question, “Am I sending this to my social networks to praise God or am I sending this because I want to make it seem like I am doing something good?”

I know for some this post may seem over the top or even legalistic to a degree but I really want you to hear my heart. I do believe in this “selfie” generation we live in, making posts that we know will get a lot of likes can sometimes stroke our ego. Receiving comments and likes can feed into a thought process of what I do is really about me and not about God.

What if you aren’t getting feedback, comments and likes? Will you still serve God wholeheartedly?

I want to exemplify a lifestyle that represents God. I want God to receive all of the glory. Do I always do a great job at doing this? Of course not! There’s this old nature, there are these old habits and thought processes that try to creep back up in my life daily. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in the habit of doing because it feels good and it feels right.

When God is not getting the glory for the work He allows me to participate in, I am simply robbing Him of what is rightfully His. I don’t deserve any credit, any affirmation or attention. Hear me out on this. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good remarks, positive feedback and love but what this means is, I recognize Who it is that is working through me to do good work.

Again, I ask the question: Is God really getting the glory in your life? The work you do, are you doing the work for self praise and accolades or are you doing it so you can share God with the world? This is the thought process we as followers of God should have. I want to see God lifted up. I want others to know the God that is at the forefront and center of my life. God works, He is alive and He empowers us to do great things in this world, simply for His glory.

I hope you can hear the heartbeat behind this post. God calls each of us to do great works. I believe when we allow God to get the glory, He will shine all the more brightly through us. So my friend, if you are not allowing God to get the glory, move on over and let God shine!

P.S. Keep up the amazing work you do to make this world a better place. God is with you!