Be #BetterThanYesterday in 2016


#BetterThanYesterdaySimply means to let go of yesterday’s struggles and move forward, toward today’s success. 

Being #BetterThanYesterday begins by analyzing what is not working for you. There is something you do every day and throughout the week that causes you to struggle. Being aware of this habit and/or struggle is right where you need to be. As you move forward, know that change will be required of you.

Having a #BetterThanYesterday mentality, means each day you are being your best and you are living your life not stuck on the woes of yesterday.

Letting go of yesterday’s struggles is not as easy as it may sound. You and I both know, shaking a bad habit, creating change and beginning a new habit takes some sacrifice, dedication and accountability.

I truly believe you possess the will power and the desire to become better. As you move forward in your transformation journey your progress will come by, knowing the plan, working the strategies, executing the plan and enjoying the process of becoming the best you.

One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2015 was this: people who lack accountability, struggle in the areas they need to grow the most in. When people you trust know what areas you struggle in, not only can they speak words or encouragement but they can call you out when you are slacking.

 A great lesson of change is for you to create a circle of trust with people that have a #BetterThanYesterday mindset. 

Imagine how great you can become when you have people in your life chasing greatness with you!

As you know, 2015 is coming to a close. If you are like me, you find yourself reflecting back on the year. I enjoy and look forward to the last week of the year. I use the last week of the year as a reflection time, to look over my 2015 goals, challenges, victories, losses and memorable moments. This is a great way for me to establish momentum and to know what I am working toward for the new year.

My friend, be inspired, be encouraged, you made it through another year. Whether this year was hell or heaven for you, you are still here moving along in the journey. Don’t give up the fight of becoming the best you. There is still a lot of fight in you. You were created with a purpose. As you continue in your journey, your purpose will be used to bring major impact to this world. I am counting on you!

Here is what you can look forward to in #2016 from me:

  • Challenging content
  • Consistent and timely blogs
  • Authenticity and Relevancy
  • Bigger risks
  • A #BetterThanYesterday ebook
  • 21 day challenges
  • Cool #BetterThanYesterday gear


Here is a #BetterThanYesterday video from yours truly. Enjoy!


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P.S.S. Don’t forget to share in the comments what you are looking forward to in #2016. Lets be great together!


Start Working Towards Something!

Message! Breaking News! News alert! Whatever we want to call it, we need to get to moving. As the new year is approaching us this should cause for a time of reflection. Each year around this time I love to look back over the year and reflect. I usually ask myself questions such as:

Did I meet the goals I set?

Have I grown in my walk with God?

Have I grown as a person?

Am I in a better place mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically?

Did I give my best this year?

It’s easy to say in our minds that this year is going to be our year. We believe it. We write down our goals, resolutions, what we need to let go of, the areas we need to focus in on and then we go after them. Usually the chase, the drive and the ambition last for a few months or so, then we are right back to old habits. I’m sure it is not intentional on our part to turn back to old habits but they happen. Life happens. We get busy, overwhelmed, challenged and instead of stepping up to life we tend to back down.

Here is what I want to go out on the limb and say: When it comes to making a change in life and breaking bad/old habits let’s not try to do everything at once. I believe this is where the problem lies. We try to make every change at once, we try to work on every weakness we have at the same time, and we try to put all of our energy into too many things at one time. This is not a good set up for success. I’ve been there. In the past two years I’ve tried to do at least 4 to 5 things at once. Sometimes I make myself to believe the more I do the more productive I am. Boy, have I learned!

Can we be productive doing more than one thing at once? Sure, we can. Here’s the thing. Mentally and emotionally it gets exhausting. As time goes on being productive becomes hard to keep up with. What you will come to find out is you won’t have time for breaks, hanging out with people who mean the world to you and you will not have a lot of time for yourself.

(Here is a side note: Some seasons in life you will have to grind like crazy. Working several jobs, school and being involved in multiple things. Don’t do it forever! Know when it is time to take a break and cut back.)

Here’s a suggestion. Focus your energy, time and talents towards one or two things. If you can work one job, work one job and become great at what you do. Focus on your strengths, develop them, live in them and celebrate them. When it comes time to working on your weaknesses, work on them one a time. Study shows that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and 21 days to create a new one. Go 21 days at a time to break your bad habits and reverse your bad habits with new good habits.

Remain consistent in your day to day walk. Work towards making your dreams become a reality. Forgive the person you need to forgive. Let go of the hurt and pain you need to let go of. Strengthen your relationship with God. Work towards something. There is no more time for being passive. Let’s make 2015 a great year! It all starts with you!