#BetterThanYesterday is a positive movement that exists to encourage, inspire and motivate individuals to be better than the person they were the day before.

What can you expect?

You can expect with our messages transformation stories that connect with students, stories of hope; encouragement, life coaching, and inspiration.

We believe students are the solutions to a lot of the world’s problems. We believe students can make a difference and impact in this world even at their young age.

Therefore, by sharing the #BetterThanYesterday message with schools, teachers, leaders, administration, sports teams and with students, collectively through conversation, mentoring and finding the right resources we can begin to help our students walk into their full potential in life.

Our three main goals:

1) Share transformation stories that connect with students.

2) Help students understand who they are, their purpose and what next steps they need to make in life.

3) Help students find the resources they need to become the person that have been created to be.

We hope you consider us to come alongside your students and be a much needed voice. We understand the struggles and distractions our students face and our greatest hope is to see each of them realize the gift that is on the inside.

When you do what needs to get done today, tomorrow takes care of itself and the past is no longer a burden. – #BetterThanYesterday

Here are a few students that have been inspired to be #BetterThanYesterday:



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