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Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness

Majority of minorities/people of color have been taught since a young age to suppress feelings, to fight through, to not talk about struggles and trauma which has led to many turning to substances, drinking, sex, money, etc…

For many of us who grew up in the hood/lower economic areas we didn’t have resources nor the mindset to turn to professional help. There was a silent hush of you do not tell people your problems and let others know what was going on inside the home.

As a person goes from adolescent years to young adult years, internally you begin to realize that something is definitely wrong. All of the years of suppression has internally led to identity issues, questions, struggles and doubts. This leads one to wonder where do you actually turn.

My hope is this: As I have battled with anxiety, depression and trauma, I pray that my life will serve as a testimony of finding one’s identity in God, through community and counseling. Healing is available but it is a long, honest, raw challenging journey that does not happen overnight.

I still have many struggles that I battle through but I am much better mentally, emotionally and spiritually by seeking the help that I needed (and continuing to seek). We, myself included, no longer have to suppress.

We can reveal so that we can heal! #MentalHealthAwareness.

P.S. These thoughts were inspired by D.A. Horton who preached at Transformation Church. If you have time, I encourage you to check out the sermon. It’s worth your time! Click here!

“Your pain has a timeline and an expiration date. Your pain has purpose.”

– D.A. Horton

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