What You Meant For Evil, God Turned For My Good!


Let’s be real, there is an enemy out there that does not want us to succeed in life. There are people who try their hardest to make other people lives miserable. Okay, even if people don’t intentionally try to make people lives horrible, there are some people who some how find a way to damage other human beings. We all can admit that we have faults, baggage, issues and problems. If a person does not allow for the God who created him/her to deal with the dark areas in their lives, what tends to happen in life, is these problems and issues are then tossed to someone else.

I want to share a familiar story with you to help shed light on what I mean about people with issues making it hard for other people to live their life. You may have heard the story of Joseph and his brothers. It’s a Bible story. Joseph was one of 12 sons. He was his father’s favorite. Joesph could not help his father loved him the most and treated him the best. It was something he inherited. At a young age Joseph was anointed and had a calling on his life. He was a dreamer. Joseph shared his dreams with his father and brothers. His brothers did not like what Joseph had to say about his dreams.

Side note: There are people in your life when you tell them your dreams and goals they will dislike you for them. It’s a part of life.

Joseph brothers decide they are going to come up with a plot to get rid of their younger brother. They could not accept the favor Joseph had on his life, or that he would be ruling over them. They were jealous of Joseph. In their plot to get rid of Joseph they eventually sell Joseph over to some merchants for some spices and perfume. Joseph eventually ends up in Egypt as a servant to the King Pharaoh. Joseph’s brothers takes his coat that his father gave him, placed animal blood on the coat and took it back to their father and lies. They tell their father that Joseph was attacked and killed.

Why do I share this story?

There are circumstances, situations, people and events that happen in life that try to come against us in a way to destroy us. I mean they seriously try to take us out from the course of life. Think about your life story… Who or what has tried to take you out and snatch away your identity? I am sure you can put a name to the person, thing or object that has made a strong negative burdensome impact on your life. The same was happening with Joseph. The people around Joseph was trying to destroy him. It always amazes me that sometimes the people closest to us in life hurt us the most.

I love how Joseph’s story plays out!

I’ll start with this. When God has called you for a specific task, when he has anointed you, gifted you and called you to do a work for him, it doesn’t matter what comes in the way, God will make sure His gift and promise inside of you will happen! While Joseph was in Egypt, a false accusation was made against him. Potiphar, the captain of the palace, his wife tries to seduce Joseph. Joseph fought her off, held true to his morals, to his beliefs and principles. Because of Joseph’s actions, Potiphar’s wife goes and lies on Joseph causing Joseph to be thrown in the prison.

It’s in prison where God uses Joesph’s gift to get him out of the prison. Here’s a word of encouragement: When you are at your lowest, at your weakest, down and out remember the gift God has placed inside of you, it can be the very thing God uses to get you out of bondage. Joseph uses the gift of dreams God gave him. It was his dreams and the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams that allowed the land to be saved. Joseph was then appointed as the highest official in the land of Egypt giving him power and control of the land.

Because of the great famine in the land, Joseph’s brother headed towards Egypt to buy goods. What the brothers did not know was they would be running into their brother who they sold away. After some time Joseph eventually reveals himself to his brothers. In a conversation with them, Joseph says to them: “Do not be afraid, for am I in the place of God? But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.” – Genesis 50:19-20 What an amazing revelation and heart Joseph has. Joseph has every right to be angry and bitter towards his brothers. He didn’t have to forgive them. Joseph had the power to throw them into prison and to not help them out.

Here is what I want to close with:

Whoever that person is in your life that hurt you and caused you great pain, I want you to forgive them. Whatever that situation was that set you back some years, I want you to let it go. Whatever damaged that has happened in your life I want you to understand it was meant for good. The pain, the hurt, the memories all happened to strengthen you as a person and to give you a story to tell to help someone else. “What others meant for evil, God meant for good!” Rest in this! Find the peace you need. Give it over to God. Be blessed!

Step Out Of Your Comzort Zone


How easy it has become to find oneself stuck in the same routine day in and day out. How does one step of of their comfort zone when being comfortable feels like the right place to be? The answer is quite simple in my eyes. The desire to become great, to leave an impact and life long legacy, one cannot stay where he or she is and do the same thing each day.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m good where I’m at. I don’t need to change. I like my life.” I’ve been there countless times. Feeling as though life couldn’t get any better and change was just a word that had little to no meaning. It’s words like legacy and greatness that challenge me and press upon me, to help me realize, where I am at today and what I am doing today is no where near the place where I would like to be.

In order for you and I to realize we have to step out of our comfort zones, we need to have a self check in with ourselves. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

When is the last time I did something bold?

When is the last time I concurred something I’ve feared?

Is my life challenging to those around me? In other words, does my life challenged people to live better lives?

Do I tend to hide in crowds or do I use my voice to make an impact?

Am I considered a leader or a follower?

Being uncomfortable is not always the best feeling. Living in tension, living on the edge, not knowing where your stepping out may lead is bothersome. I’ll tell you this. Every great leader you see or know had to face the very things that made/make them uncomfortable in order to become the person they desired to be. If we want to be great, we cannot sit back and keep allowing ourselves to talk about change, talk about switching things up and expect time to be the difference maker. We have to be the change we want to see. No one is going to change for us.

Being uncomfortable is a place you and I have to live in if we expect to become great. 

  Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone on today?